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Workers’ Compensation for Scars and Disfigurement

Workplace accidents can lead to different types of injuries, some with long lasting aftereffects, such as scars and disfigurement. Employees that suffer these impairments may qualify for disability benefits from their company’s workers’ compensation insurance carriers. It depends on several factors, such as the type of injury, where it occurred, where the injury is located on the body, and the laws particular to the state where the employee lives.

Basic Requirements

To receive benefits, the employee must prove that the scar or disfigurement is related directly related to their work, and that it was caused by a job-related accident. To make a claim, it must also be determined what category the scar or disfigurement falls into. Some are a direct result of a work injury, while others are from necessary surgeries. Direct scars can be from large wounds, chemical burns, and lacerations.

Scars must be deemed as unsightly, which is also subject to certain parameters; it depends on its shape and form. Insurance companies also consider how long the scar has been there without any marked improvement, generally from six months to a year. The worker’s age can also influence the amount of compensation, since some judges decide that older workers are less impacted by scars than younger ones. In addition, the Workers’ Compensation Act of Pennsylvania specifies that the scar or disfigurement must be above the worker’s collarbone, or on their head, face, or neck.

Permanent and Temporary Disability

Many employees that experience these injuries receive permanent partial disability settlements. These individuals can usually return to work, although it may be in limited capacity. A worker that has lost a finger or toe may not be able to lift heavy items or walk for long periods. There are no specific work restrictions for the employee to receive benefits.

Permanent disability settlements are negotiated with ratings or percentages, which are handled through the insurance companies. The more serious the scar or disfigurement, the higher the percentage will be. This can determine if the employee is permanently disabled, and the numbers vary by state. Some workers also receive past-due temporary disability payments when providers neglect to provide the correct amount of benefits while the worker is unable to work.

Types of Settlements

Injured workers can strive to receive settlements to cover past and future medical bills incurred by the scars or disfigurement. Some can have stipulations where the insurance provider will pay for future treatments, while others choose lump-sum payments to cover this. Those who decide on the latter must carefully estimate what their future costs will be. Structuring a settlement to best meet the worker’s present and future needs can be handled by a qualified workers’ compensation lawyer.

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Heather A
I have known Deb for years now and it all started in 2009 when I got hurt and needed legal help with my workers comp. I randomly chose Deb because of the things I read on her website and I liked that she had a take charge attitude about just about everything. She out-lawyered someone and got me more in a settlement for that and then also worked with me on another case and won that one as well for me. If you get to know Deb and her personal story, you will get to know an amazing single mom who has had her own struggles and has come out so much stronger. She will fight for you if you do your part as a client and follow her guidance. I have now used two women lawyers in Media and three men and I actually found the two women far more effective and both won my cases that the men lost. Without Deb and my other lawyer winning the cases for me that they did - I could have found myself disabled for good with no money to pay for the life I live because I can’t work now. I credit my ability to be able to eat and have transportation and all. I couldn’t be more grateful for their hard work they did for me. Deb has won two of my cases and I would absolutely refer others to her for the same kinds of cases and I would use her again if I ever needed her help again!
Daveen Carpenter
Deborah's team went above and beyond to get my case settled quickly. I am forever grateful
Rebecca Porter
If you ever need a worker’s compensation attorney, I highly suggest using Deborah Truscello. I had a work accident injury and was referred to Deborah. She was with me every step of the way, with this long-drawn-out process. She was there any time I had questions or needed advice on my rehabilitation. Now my case is settled. I am very happy how things turned out and I owe it all to her. I can't thank her enough. I will use her again if I ever need too.
Jackson Jones
Deborah is an excellent lawyer. She was professional, knowledgeable, and made me and my case feel important. She was always accessible and answered all of my questions. I would definitely recommend Debbie to anyone injured at work and in need of legal services.
I am a client of Deborah Truscello and also a woman of color. Deborah Truscello is not a bigot nor is she a racist. I hired Ms. Truscello back in 2016 for a very nasty custody case against a crazy man who has a history of dragging all his children through the court system. Ms. Truscello has been nothing but professional and well organized. She is very reliable and always available. I could contact her any time of the day or night and she is always responsive to my text messages, calls, and emails. If you are considering hiring her as your attorney I highly recommend you schedule a consultation and see for yourself you will not be disappointed.
Andrew Kriegh
Amazing law firm, they have helped me so much and enlightened me to the options I have, and to the right doctors who are still treating my issues... Very professional and very great people glad to have her in my team!!

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