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Differences Between Safety Helmets and Hard Hats

Hard hats have been a mainstay for the past 40 years at construction sites and other hazardous work areas. However, employers are starting to shift away from hard hats to safety helmets in order to achieve better safety standards for their employees and help reduce construction accidents.

Safety helmets can provide better coverage for employees since they are less likely to fall off the head during a slip or fall due to the chin strap. This can also prevent workers from losing their protective helmet while tilting the head backwards while on a ladder. Additionally, safety helmets provide better coverage on the side of the head in case of a side impact; side impacts can occur when beams are moved from side to side.

Cultural Shift From Hard Hat to Safety Helmet

Employers are concerned that some long-time hard hat users will find the cultural shift to safety helmets too large and will refuse to wear the safety helmet. Some workers may feel that the safety helmet is heavier on the head compared to a hard hat.

New Features of Safety Helmets

Safety helmets are more likely to last longer than hard hats since they have a lifespan of 10 years, whereas the typical hard hat lasts about five years. Although employers may find safety helmets more expensive, they may actually reduce expenses related to insurance and reduce workplace injuries incurred during accidents if the safety helmet provides better protection.

Safety helmets have a different look and a different feel to them since they are usually more streamlined on the head and fit more closely. A chin strap may feel uncomfortable to some workers. As the shift begins to take place in various work sites, workers who work at higher elevations may want to wear the safety helmet since they have a greater risk of falling, whereas workers on the ground level may be more inclined to stay with the hard hat since they may be more prone to materials falling on them.

Some workers may advocate for safety helmets while employers may oppose them due to expenses. Safety helmets cost usually about $100 to $150, compared to the inexpensive $15 cost of hard hats. Safety helmets can also be equipped with more features, such as ear protection, earmuffs, face shields, ventilation, visors, perspiration liners, lights, radios and even communication devices, like walkie-talkies. Some safety helmets also provide protection to withstand electric shocks.

It is important for employers to provide their workers with the best possible safety wear in order to prevent serious injuries and Workers’ Compensation claims.

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