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Fender Bender Accidents


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Fender Bender Car Accidents

Frequently a seemingly harmless traffic or auto accident can ultimately cause serious injuries to those involved. In turn this will require an insurance claim and ultimately the aid of a Delaware County car accident lawyer. You, the victim, may feel fine immediately after the accident and any symptoms of more serious injuries may not manifest themselves until weeks after the accident. This is common in accidents occurring at low speeds, especially if you have a pre-existing injury.

Fender Bender Accidents are Common

The phrase ‘fender bender’ is a term commonly used to describe an automobile accident, where most of the damage is inflicted on the receiving cars fender or bumper. More often than not a fender bender involves one cars front end smashing into the rear corner of another vehicle. Due to fender benders occurring at low speeds they can occur anywhere such as any road, highway, neighborhood street, parking lot or parking garage. Also, in a fender bender many times the car being hit is parked or unoccupied.

Injuries Suffered in a Minor Car Collision can Still be Serious

A fender bender accident can cause a new injury, or aggravate an existing injury. Any type of soft tissue or musculoskeletal injury is common in a fender bender. Whiplash and muscle strains are very common injuries seen in a fender bender. More serious injuries such as broken bones, back injuries, neck injuries can also be sustained in a fender bender accident. If you have been involved in a fender bender it is in your best interest to seek medical attention right away as a precaution. You should also consult with a Philadelphia fender bender accident attorney regarding your legal rights.

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