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People Can be Injured in Many Ways

Every year, accidents around Pennsylvania are responsible for millions of dollars in medical bills, lost wages, and other complications. Although some accidents are truly no one’s fault and can strike at any time, there are many cases in which a business or a third-party individual does hold some level of responsibility for accidents.

Naturally, when people think of accidents, they most likely think of vehicular accidents. However, there are also other kinds of accidents such as slip and fall and workplace injuries that can be every bit as serious. If you are the victim of an accident, or you have been challenged in court as potentially responsible for an accident, you need a lawyer.

Key Accident Statistics in Pennsylvania: More on Cars, Trucks, RVs and Boats

Pennsylvania usually ranks near the middle of all states when it comes to the number of auto accidents per year. In 2012, just over 124,000 vehicle accidents took place throughout the state. The majority of these involved private drivers, but there were also accidents involving commercial drivers and recreational vehicles (RVs.)

87,000 people were injured in these accidents during that year, and more than 1,300 were killed. This figure represents a significant improvement over the last six decades, but was an increase from the previous year. All in all, Pennsylvania residents are becoming less likely to be involved in auto accidents of any sort. However, Pennsylvania laws makes accidents a serious matter.

In Pennsylvania, car accidents are covered by the No Fault doctrine. In No Fault states, individuals are not necessarily required to hold extensive Personal Injury Protection insurance so that the insurance policy can pay for bodily injury to another person that might result from an automotive accident.

Generally speaking, this creates a hard limit on the amount of financial hardship that an auto accident can create for a resident of Pennsylvania. However, anyone who is involved in a car accident may also face civil charges brought up by the other parties to the accident. During such a case, Pennsylvanians may seek to collect certain kinds of damages:

  • Medical damages over the threshold that is paid for by the PIP insurance.
  • Property damage, which is “fault-based,” unlike the personal injury element.

Accidents can Strike at Work, While Shopping and Many Other Places

The other major type of accident that afflicts residents of Pennsylvania is the slip and fall accident. At the mall, supermarket, or grocery store, accidents can strike without warning. Sometimes these accidents are simply the “luck of the draw” and there may not be a legal case for collecting damages from anyone. In other cases, the accident may have resulted directly from the negligence of a third party who can be held partially or totally responsible.

Although negligence is a complex concept, it can be easily understood in non-technical terms. Negligence is a subjective judgment about a situation that takes into account what a person should have done in a situation based upon what they knew or should have known. It is everyone’s duty to take reasonable precautions not to create hazards in their environment, but those who operate commercial establishments are even more likely to be held liable.

For example, if someone works for a grocery store and they wash and wax the floor in the morning, they know or should have known that the newly polished floor could represent a slip and fall hazard. While it would be unreasonable to expect them to warn every incoming patron about the danger individually, they can certainly be expected to put up a sign warning of the danger.

If you are involved in a slip and fall accident in a public place in Pennsylvania, it is a good idea to contact a car accident lawyer as soon as you possibly can. A lawyer can advise you as to whether it is reasonable to suspect someone or some organization may be partly responsible for the accident. In cases where your accident was facilitated by the negligence of another person, you can seek damages from that person or the organization to which the person belongs.

In cases of a slip and fall in Pennsylvania, it is normal for the aggrieved party to seek damages including their medical costs, lost wages, and potential court costs. In very rare cases, it may be possible to seek damages for emotional distress. However, in order to make a case successfully, the aggrieved party should document their injuries right away. If at all possible, see a qualified doctor immediately. One should not wait longer than three days in this matter.

If an accident is the fault of another person, you can seek damages not only for the amount you have already paid in medical care, but for the amount that you can reasonably be expected to pay for treatment in the future. Needless to say, this can result in very substantial damages. This is why it is important to consult a doctor immediately and rule out issues related to a pre-existing condition, which may invalidate your ability to maximize your damages.

In cases where a Pennsylvanian brings a suit for accidents resulting in injury, they may be expected to see several different physicians. These may include their own physician as well as those retained by the other party, and perhaps even medical experts consulted by an insurance company. Make sure that you communicate the extent of your injury to your lawyer and note any way in which it hampers your daily life.

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