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We have a contingency fee agreement with all of our Workers’ Compensation and Personal Injury clients. Our fee is based on a percentage of what we obtain for you, and we will not charge you any fee unless and until we settle your case, prevent the loss of your benefits or obtain benefits for you. 

What Benefits are Available to Injured Workers In Pennsylvania?

Workers’ Compensation is a type of insurance that nearly all Pennsylvania workers are eligible for. It provides those who have been injured on the job with financial compensation to cover the costs of medical expenses, lost wages, and other monetary burdens related to their injury. If a worker is killed due to a work related accident, his or her family may be able to receive benefits to cover the costs of funeral arrangements as well as lost wages and medical expenses, making this type of compensation extremely important for those who have suffered an injury at work.

Workers’ Compensation in Pennsylvania will come with a variety of benefits, and each case is reviewed on an individual basis to determine just what benefits a person may be deemed eligible for. In cases of disfigurement or extreme impairment, additional specialty benefits may also be awarded to cover the extensive long term costs incurred.

The Four Types Of Workers’ Compensation Benefits

There are 4 basic types of benefits a person may be eligible to receive under Workers’ Compensation insurance, and these types of benefits are:

  1. Death benefits: given when a worker dies because of an accident on the job, and these benefits are granted to his or her family and dependents. Death benefits under Workers’ Compensation in the state of Pennsylvania will often cover a certain amount of funeral costs, lost wages, and the entirety of related medical bills. These benefits are particularly beneficial if the partner of the injured worker stays at home with children, as they will significantly relieve the financial stresses associated with the incident.
  2. Medical benefits: through workers compensation insurance will often cover 100% of all related medical expenses stemming from the work related accident. These benefits will allow a person to not only receive initial care, but also extended care that will allow them to improve their quality of life after an accident. Medical expenses will often accumulate to unaffordable amounts very quickly, and these benefits help to lessen the load for those who find themselves injured at work.
  3. Lost wage benefits: will pay a portion of wages lost due to the accident and subsequent injury, and the amount of lost wage benefits a person is able to receive directly depends upon their individual situation. Normally, an agreed upon percentage is given to cover lost wages when a workers compensation settlement is achieved.
  4. Specific loss benefits: additional benefits given to workers who suffer permanent disfigurement or impairment as a result of a work related injury. For workers who suffer from extensive burns, amputations, or other injuries that will require extended care or result in extended unemployment, these benefits will help to cover costs of living that would otherwise have been paid with income.

You May Also Be Entitled To Disability Benefits

If a person is disabled for any period of time due to their injury, they may also be entitled to disability payments as well as any of the 4 aforementioned benefits. These disability payments can be paid on either a temporary or permanent basis depending on the individual circumstances of the injury, and an amount will typically be agreed upon during the settlement negotiations.

Total disability payments are for workers who are completely disabled for any period of time due to their injury, and this means that their injury has taken from them their ability to work at all. After a period of 104 weeks receiving these benefits, a worker may then be required to see a Pennsylvania medical professional to determine their current ability to work. If the worker is found to still be more than 50% disabled, benefits will continue, but if this figure is not met, he or she may then be placed on partial disability status.

Partial disability is given to workers who are forced to take less hours or a lesser position for a period of time following their injury. A percentage of their lost wages will be given to them through partial disability payments to meet the gap in income that has been created by their situation. This type of disability has a temporary time frame of 500 weeks maximum, after which the payments will cease.

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Learn More About Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Coverage From the Law Office of Deborah M. Truscello

Because Pennsylvania employers are required to cover their employees, the vast majority of Pennsylvania workers are covered by Workers’ Compensation insurance should they suffer an injury on the job. Seasonal workers, part-time workers, and full time workers are all covered by their employers in the state, and coverage begins at the very first day of employment. However, workers who have been found to have intentionally caused the injury to themselves, or workers who are suspected of being on the job while intoxicated at the time of the injury may find that they are not able to receive financial benefits through workers’ compensation insurance.

While Workers’ Compensation is often voluntarily given in Pennsylvania, some employers or insurance companies may decide to fight settlement cases in an effort to avoid compensation payment. In these cases it is always best to be represented by a skilled Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation attorney that knows all of the ins and outs of the state’s Workers’ Compensation laws. A Workers’ Compensation lawyer from the Law Office of Deborah M. Truscello will help their clients in these difficult cases to get the financial compensation they deserve to cover the costs of their injuries. For more information call (610) 892-4940 or fill out the form.

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